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Step 1 - The Basics

(Optional) Your Organisation Name
* Number of mobile phone users
* Number of tablet/dongle users
* Outgoing Minutes per Month
* Do you want to replace your existing handsets?
(Optional) Your current monthly bill

How it Works

As you fill in information about your mobile needs, we calculate the best option for you. The more information you can provide, the more accurate the cost estimate will be.

At any time, click on the "See Results" button to check how the numbers work out

We never store information about your current monthly bill, this is displayed in your results for you to help evaluate your options

Step 2 - User Profiles

Mobile User Personas

% of Total

Total Users

Behind The Scenes
Office Everywhere
Out and About
Speedy Checkers
Front of House
Always On
Machine to Machine
All good!
User numbers are rounded up where necessary.

User Profiles Matter!

Some mobile providers will only allow you to have one type of subscription for all of your users. Whilst this can be the right choice for some customers, it isn't right for everyone. You can end up paying for lots of voice and data that many users don't actually need. That's not great value for money!

People often assume that with data "More is Better", but 85% of public sector users use less than 100MB of data each month.

A better way is to give users what they need to do their job.

We've used Cabinet Office Research to identify a number of typical user profiles (or personas) and estimated the number of each type based on our own billing data. You can adjust the numbers yourself to make it suit your organisation

Step 3 - Data Mobility

Mobility Requirements

% of Total

Total Users

Laptop Users
Tablet Users
All good!
User numbers are rounded up where necessary.

Data and Mobility Explained

Mobility solutions enable users to be productive anywhere, either by providing mobile data for laptops via a dongle, or replacing laptops with tablets and/or smartphones.

Data tariffs from O2 are capped by default, which means that users can't go over the monthly data limit you've selected (at least, not without authorisation).

Step 4 - Devices & Credits

What % of your current devices need to be replaced?
What trade-in value do you expect?
What is the purchase price of the replacement devices?
Do you want to pay up-front, or amortise the device costs?
How do you want to use any hardware credit?

Not all credits are created equal

Most mobile providers will offer a credit to customers as part of their contract. However, they may put restrictions on how you can use the credit. For example, by only permitting you to use it to pay for a device.

O2's credit position is simple - there is a credit, and you can apply it against anything that appears on an invoice. So, if you need to replace your estate, then you can do that. But if you don't, or you would prefer to see a reduction in your opex, then you can do that instead!

Don't forget the value in your existing assets either. We can arrange for these to be securely wiped to MOD DIPCOG standards, and the resale value credited back to your account. We've put in the average credit provided by O2 Recycle to public sector customers in as a default. Or, you can get a more exact figure from https://www.o2recycle4business.co.uk

Your Results

Monthly Savings  

Current Monthly Cost  

Future Monthly Cost £9,229

24 Month Total Cost of Ownership (Including Hardware) £456,885

Value Calculator

24 Month Total Cost of Ownership (£)

  £/Month # Monthly
24 Month
Mobile Voice and Data - Opex
Monthly Subscriptions
    Behind The Scenes - - - -
    Office Everywhere - - - -
    Out and About - - - -
    Speedy Checkers - - - -
    Front of House - - - -
    Technologist - - - -
    Always On - - - -
    Machine to Machine - - - -
    Mobile Data - - - -
Call Costs -   - -
Subtotal - Subscriptions and Usage     - -
Hardware and Credits
Amortised Hardware Cost - - - -
Amortised Transformation Credit - - - -
    O2 Recycle Credit       -
    New Devices       -
Up Front Transformation Credit       -
Subtotal - Hardware and Credits -
Total 24 Month Cost of Ownership - Mobile Voice & Data -

To simplify things, we've had to make some assumptions and excluded some call types, but would be happy to provide a personalised estimate based on your actual usage information.

The assumptions are as follows:
- chargeable calls on the zero line tariff are derived from your input (number of chargeable outbound calls), assuming that these are made to a mix of landline and mobile numbers. Calls to premium rate NGN's and overseas are excluded
- international data roaming charges are excluded

If you would like to discuss your results in more detail, contact the O2 Public Sector team here with your organisation name and contact details. Please note as these results are confidential, our team will not have your results to refer to.