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Travel & transport

From the industry-changing O2 Wifi on the platform, our world class smart metering rollout, use of end-to-end journey applications and ticketing, through to our digital insights packages that can tell which carriages on which train are likely to have free seats or even let you know where a new electrical substation is going to be needed next, we give citizens quick and easy access to everything they need whilst they’re on the move as well as allowing the infrastructure providers the tools they need to provide these digital experiences.

  • A world class Smart Meter network.
  • Integrating intelligent transport systems.
  • Improving opportunities for communications between transport operators and passengers.
  • Helping Big 6 utilities (as well as many of the new, agile, players) to deliver a much better customer experience via SmartGrid and even traditional contact centre transformations.
  • Developing the transport systems of the future, through driverless vehicles and increased capacity solutions.
  • Helping electrical networks know where they need to have points of presence to support the huge task of a move to electric powered vehicles.
  • Allowing our customers to concentrate on getting passengers quickly and safely to their destinations, whilst we ensure the lines of communication remain open.


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ScotRail uses groundbreaking O2 Smart Compliance

“By putting digital services at the heart of all our propositions, we plan to transform the digital experiences of passengers and citizens in their everyday lives for the better.”
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer
Head of Public Sector Sales

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