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  • Free Wifi for all citizens
  • Open to all, even if they are not on O2
  • Easy registration process – most O2 users will connect automatically. Non O2 users will only need to sign up once and that’s it. No usernames and no password to connect
  • Fast, reliable, secure public Wifi that’s continually monitored

Flexibility – without compromising your corporate network

Data that runs across O2 Wifi for Office is kept separate from corporate data. Your business and your users benefit from our network’s robust security and content filtering. So you don’t have to manage non-corporate traffic or any associated liability, and your important visitors can still stay connected when they are at your sites.

Give your guests and employees a better experience

Provide visitors and employees in your building with an office wifi connection that doesn’t require a password. Users only need to register once at any of your offices or at any of our 10,000 O2 Wifi venues, and connection is automatic. People can be productive as soon as they enter your premises. O2 Wifi is supported by our High Speed Internet solution which provides fast, reliable connectivity to keep your important applications online and your business connected. With over 17 million existing customers on the O2 Wifi network, many people will already be registered – making connection automatic as soon as they enter any of your buildings. And there’s even an O2 Wifi mobile app to make it even easier to sign up to and find other O2 Wifi hotspots.

Open the door to bring-your-own

If your people want to use their personal devices in the office, this is an ideal way to support them. They can connect to the internet without compromising the corporate network and carry out basic work tasks, such as accessing email in meeting rooms or canteens, and personal tasks like checking their social media feeds. Your IT team won’t have to worry about a wave of personal devices accessing the corporate network, and your people get the benefit of using their own devices at work without having to use up their mobile data allowance, so they’ll be happier too.

A robust, reliable, fast wifi network you can depend on

O2 Wifi for Office provides a fast, resilient public access wifi service for your offices. We’ll design, install, run and monitor it all for you, so you get all the credit, but none of the hassle.


Great Britain Hockey - Using O2’s mobile networks to support teams at home and away

The Challenge

England and GB Hockey is a large organisation which is spread throughout the UK and its technology needs are wide ranging. The challenge the organisation faced was to efficiently and securely meet the needs of 80 staff, around 30 sponsors, suppliers and partners and thousands of volunteers across the country.

The Solution

O2 has played a pivotal role in supporting England and GB Hockey by deploying technology to aid communication with coaches and players while travelling across the UK as well as abroad. And by helping video analysts to work closely with players in training, and as well as staff working with clubs and schools.

Mobile data has been an essential element in making the organisation a very connected one. With 140,000 people playing each, there are many matches which need to be recorded and managed. O2 has enabled all match results to be sent in via mobile data, saving time and resource and streamlining the process significantly.

“IT security is absolutely critical to England Hockey, we retain huge amounts of data on our players, which we don’t want to fall into the hands of our competitors internationally, but also on a day to day basis, being able to manage our customer data.”

Improving and streamlining their data handling systems is crucial to ensure the strong relationships with everyone involved with the organisation is maintained, “coaches, participants, people that are running our clubs, they’ve got to trust us and trust what we do and security is absolutely key.”


The support is from day to day and was even as far reaching as the Rio Olympics, “there’s lots of different examples of how O2 have enabled 4G wifi at our events, to handsets for our staff, sim cards at the Rio Olympic Games, lots of different ways, all of which add value to what we’re doing.”

In 2011 Dronfield Medical Practice received the Quality Practice Award from the Royal College of General Practitioners. The college described the practice as “proactive and forward thinking in its approach with a clear focus on patient care” with an “excellent working environment for the primary care team” and a “relaxed friendly atmosphere throughout the practice.”

The busy practice in the North Midlands serves nearly ten thousand patients and also trains young doctors and medical students. It has a Facebook page and a lively website giving information about the practice, news and advice. www.dronfieldhealth.co.uk

The challenge

As a practice which closely monitors clinical and non-clinical issues, Dronfield was looking for ways to improve the patient experience within
the constraints of its tight budget.

Dr Stuart Saunders, a general practice partner, says “We’re always keen to make the waiting experience as stress-free and as pleasant as possible. We don’t like to keep patients waiting but sometimes we’re unavoidably held up. We wanted to find a way to help patients use that time productively and even enjoyably.”

He continues “I began thinking about wifi, because the mobile signal isn’t very strong as we’re in the middle of a new health centre. We also knew we didn’t have the expertise to deal with the security and other issues that could arise from providing free wifi.”

The solution

Dr Saunders made an email enquiry to O2 and within a few days had all the information he needed to make a decision to ask O2 to provide a wifi service for Dronfield Medical Practice’s patients. He says “We knew what we wanted and we knew what we didn’t want as well, O2 pitched it right in terms of our business and the way we like to interact with our patients. The information O2 gave us was very clear and helpful.”

“The process of installation was straightforward: we were very impressed. When the router was installed there was very little disruption to patients and it now sits inconspicuously in the waiting room. O2 also provided advice and literature to promote the service which we found very helpful.”

Dr Saunders wanted the wifi to give the practice some brand presence with patients. When they log in for the first time, patients see the practice name and can browse the practice website.

“We would definitely recommend O2 Wifi to another practice. Anything we can do to improve the patient experience can only be good for us in the long run, and this is a cost- effective way to do that.”

He says “Patients only have to register once and then the wifi works each time they come back without having to log in again. They like that.”

“In the eight months since O2 Wifi has been installed, the feedback from patients has been entirely positive,” says Dr Saunders. “I’ve had comments from patients when I’ve apologised for running late such as ‘It doesn’t matter, I had my laptop.’ Sometimes delays are unavoidable, so that’s a huge benefit right there, that patients are relaxed when they come in to see me. Our receptionists have noticed that patients are happy to get their smartphones out. Some like to get on with some work and some like to relax and read something more stimulating than an old copy of Readers’ Digest.”

The practice’s concerns about security and safety issues surrounding wifi have proven unfounded. Dr Saunders says “One slight concern was that we would have people hanging round just to use the wifi but that’s not been our experience at all. We were also worried it would attract people outside the building at night but O2 set it up to limit connectivity within the building.”

He continues: “We have no concerns about what websites people can visit. O2 apply the filters centrally to ensure people don’t go to anything inappropriate. We’re glad we don’t have to worry about that side of things. O2 does it all.”



A busy medical practice is looking for low cost ways to make patients more comfortable.


Safe, simple O2 Wifi makes a waiting room a relaxed and useful space.


  • New avenue for customer friendly communication.
  • Patients able to use waiting time productively.
  • Brand-building innovation builds trust.

Products and services

O2 Wifi

Waitrose showcases the future of shopping to attract and engage customers

O2 supported Waitrose in developing a conceptual showcase of future technology at an innovation event hosted at their new Swindon store. The event explored and simulated how innovative technology and digital services might be used to improve customers’ in-store experience.

About Waitrose

Waitrose is the food division of the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) and one of the UK’s leading retailers. They have over 300 branches across the UK and 60,000 employees within the Partnership. Waitrose employees, known as partners, have a share in the company and everyone is focused on providing the best possible customer service.

The Challenge

In a fiercely competitive market, retailers need to find new ways to differentiate themselves. As customers are increasingly technologically savvy, employees need to be equipped with solutions to engage with them digitally. Waitrose plans to explore the digital experiences that will attract and retain customers through an innovation showcase at their Swindon branch. To succeed, connectivity must be seamless as it underpins any digital solution.

Waitrose Managing Director Mark Price said “in Waitrose you’ll see services and experiences that you won’t see in other supermarkets. It’s about really looking after our customers when they come here and making it an experience”.

The Solution

Waitrose chose O2 to help deliver its innovation event hosted in their new branch.

With fixed connectivity restricted by a short lead time, O2 supported Waitrose in ensuring they had the right infrastructure in place to manage the project by boosting the 3G signal for the branch and supporting in-store connectivity with O2 Wifi.

O2 brought innovation to the project from Ensygnia, a start-up company supported by Telefónica’s WAYRA initiative, and Smart Steps Telefónica’s crowd data measurement tool, expanding the vision to encompass a wider range of digital solutions including mobile payments, interactivity and data analysis tools.

Attendees were provided with smartphones designed to showcase futuristic capabilities including; location-based offers and information, sample product preordering and frictionless mobile payments. The phones were loaded with a Waitrose branded version of Ensygnia’s Onescan app that demonstrated how guests could use their smartphones to check prices and complete purchases by scanning Onescan codes displayed on screens and tablets in the area instead of going to the check out.

Digital signage – instead of paper posters – guided customers around the branch and showed them what was on offer. It demonstrated how Waitrose’s static Community Matters display could be made interactive by allowing users to drag and drop tokens onscreen to help decide which charity to support. The interactive signage was created for Waitrose by On The Spot, a Telefónica digital content platform.

Mark Price said “we’re always looking for ways to interact with our customers which reflects how they use technology. We have embraced technology both in terms of what it can do to drive efficiency and how it can improve the customer experience”.

To understand the impact of the new store Waitrose also used Smart Steps, a movement analytics solution that provides insights on the movements of crowds using anonymised and aggregated mobile network data. The data showed a 5x increase in footfall when comparing the area before and after the store opened, as well as evidence the store was successfully reaching a more widespread customer base within the local area. Smart Steps can also show Waitrose hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trend patterns combined with unique insight on anonymised customer demographics. This helps them to plan and measure the effectiveness of employee rotas, promotional materials and seasonal events.

The future

O2’s capability, from partnerships across the UK business and Telefónica globally, creates the opportunity for innovation showcase experiences to be enhanced even further.

Customers could use interactive messaging to give feedback, or receive recommendations based on their shopping habits. Live-streamed video assistance could be provided via Tokbox (a Telefónica Digital web-conferencing solution), or Onescan could enable customers to complete their entire shop without ever visiting a till. Waitrose could even use the O2 Wifi insight tool to access information on demographics of the customers who have visited the branch.

As Waitrose demonstrated using its own iBeacon deployment, context-specific marketing messages can be delivered to customers as they move around the branch by using geofencing technology to make recommendations when they reach a certain aisle. These sensors are also offered as part of the Telefónica portfolio and can be moved to reflect the merchandising strategy by promoting high-margin products or encouraging customers to take up seasonal offers.

O2 worked with Waitrose to help them explore the art of the possible at their Swindon branch and is paving the way for the future of retail by delivering a seamless shopping experience enhanced by technology and digital innovation.





“We’re always looking for ways to interact with our customers which reflects how they use technology. We have embraced technology both in terms of what it can do to drive efficiency and how it can improve the customer experience.”

Mark Price
Managing Director, Waitrose



  • Better connectivity
  • Creative interactive experiences
  • Improved customer insight and engagement
  • An exciting concept branch

Products and services

  • O2 Wifi
  • 3G
  • Telefónica Smart Steps
  • Telefónica On The Spot Digital Signage
  • Ensygnia Onescan app


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on O2 Wifi, contact your Account Manager or call us on 0800 955 5590.

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