Tools to keep the nation moving

Having a strong travel ecosystem is vital for any nation, from passenger travel to freight delivery without goods and people movement things will come to an abrupt standstill. The advances happening in the sector makes the need for innovation more fundamental. From HS2 to Smart motorways, connectivity and IoT are paramount to ensuring the infrastructure can grow with demand whilst reducing the impact on the planet.  

Supporting travel and transport

Innovation that will help create intelligent and agile environments such as Smart Stations

  • Wifi accessible throughout entire journeys.  
  • Smart Sensors and vehicle telematics helping support biodiversity and reduce pollutant levels.  
  • O2 Motion to provide insight and understand people movement . 

Network Rail

Getting inspiration from the ground up

Network Rail wanted to transform the way it collects, stores and uses information about its infrastructure.

  • Smartphones that people use as their own, including for downloading their own apps and music.
  • 150 employee-requested apps in development.
  • Ability to capture information digitally and process it centrally, to predict and prevent problems, rather than fixing them when they occur.

O2 | Enterprise | Insights | Network Rail


“We have already succeeded
in bringing about a massive
amount of change, and change
that people like.”
Patrick Bossert, Director,
Asset Information, Network Rail

Department for Transport (DFT)

Monitoring and reviewing real-time mobility patterns

Helping to understand public travel in the UK during a pandemic

O2 Motion’s data offers a reliable picture of customer’s movements around the UK.

Detailed, daily travel data helped the Department for Transport monitor and review how mobility patterns are changing, close to real-time, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DfT and O2 Motion | O2 Business

“As COVID-19 has changed,
so have the DfT insight

requirements, and we’ve
operated an agile way of

working to support them
in the best way we can.”

Ian Burrows,
Digital Insights Director, O2

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