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  • Enables remote access of mission critical line of business applications and systems
  • Integrate into Machine to Machine (M2M) for purposes such as remote monitoring of CCTV, vehicles and smart meters
  • Ideal for field-based, location- independent or long workers accessing the LAN like nurses, social workers or charity workers
  • Works with instant secure mobile LAN access for emergency or rapid response services


Delivering your essential data

Private mobile datalinks are particularly valuable to organisations where mobile data is business critical. In many cases, an interruption in service could have serious financial or operational consequences.

Individual solution

We take a consultative approach to find out what works best for you and design your solution around your requirements. Choose from a comprehensive range of resilience options, user authentication, a choice of bandwidths, plus other more technical requirements such as static IP addressing. It’s easy to deliver settings to the mobile devices and get them to connect to your private network using our mobile device management service. This future-proof service adapts as your bandwidth, user and application requirements change.

Connection choices

We link your network to our mobile data network over either a dedicated fixed ethernet circuit, or a secure (encrypted) internet connection. With ethernet, we monitor and manage the link, and offer a range of resilience and service-backed SLA options, while the internet variant is ideal for international connections, for rapid installation, or as a backup to the fixed ethernet circuit. Private mobile datalink is provided over separate core infrastructure from the public mobile internet so, unlike standard internet connectivity, it is not throttled at busy times, and offers consistent speeds, making it attractive for situations where constant connection is essential.


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on private mobile datalink, contact your account manager or call us on 0800 955 5590.