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  • Greater visibility of staff administration activities
  • Employee can be guided through ‘targeted’ mobile workflows for each task, whilst real time data capture and validation mitigate against the failure of the activity in hand.
  • Ability to update in-house
  • Performance reporting dashboards
  • Can be deployed across iOS, Android or Windows device estate


The platform’s inbuilt flexibility allows for it to be applied to a wide range of other uses such as:

  • Mobile payments
  • Parking enforcement
  • Property, asset and street works inspections, and fault identification
  • Home social care visits
  • Planned or reactive maintenance programmes


Table-Icon-120px-01 Table-Icon-120px-02 Table-Icon-120px-02 Table-Icon-120px-02
No.10 Tariff
(Voice with 1GB Data or
Data Only with 5GB)
On Street Enforcement
Administrator Service

(for up to 300 licenses)
On Street Enforcement
Administrator Service

(301 to 400 licenses)
On Street Enforcement
Administrator Service

(for >401 licenses)
Line Rental £100.00 £126.50 £96.14 £82.86
Connection Credit
To offset against an alternative device £100.00 N/A N/A N/A

A ‘proximity based’ managed support service can be provided in addition to the monthly charges detailed above. Pricing for this Managed Service will be based on your chosen specification, and can therefore be provided upon request.

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