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  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improves duty of care
  • Reduction in fuel spend
  • Reduction in vehicle maintenance
  • Supports driver safety schemes
  • Improved user experience
  • Preventive vehicle maintenance
  • Reduction in overtime claims
  • Less accidents and lower insurance premiums

As an example, O2 Smart Vehicle will help obtain information on remote access of digital mileage, engine data, driver behaviour, fuel and oil levels, tyre management, battery status, seat belt engagement and location data. It also allows organisations to utilise the data to improve their operational model and the service they provide their customers.

O2 provides an end-to-end solution, including hardware, project management and full service wrap.

We can also train customer’s to install the hardware themselves, or they can select a professional installation which O2 can arrange.

Real time data on:

  • Mileage
  • Engine diagnostics trouble codes
  • Driver behaviour
  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Tyre condition
  • Battery status
  • Seat belt engagement
  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Trip visualisation
  • Unlimited geofencing
  • Alerts and reports

One supplier across the UK and Europe

We offer full connectivity across all UK networks and EU28 European countries where we have roaming agreements. And that’s included within the monthly fixed subscription. Unlike others, we also provide an end-to-end service wrap, covering devices, set-up and in-life support – meaning you don’t have to waste time and effort managing multiple suppliers.


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We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on O2 Smart Vehicle, contact your Account Manager or the O2 Smart Vehicle team – o2smartvehicle@o2.com

Buy through G-Cloud

O2 Smart Vehicle can be procured via direct award through the G-Cloud framework.

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Van Elle; exploring opportunities to boost operational efficiency, commercial growth and driver safety.

With around 520 employees, three offices in the UK, around 180 vehicles and more than 100 rigs, Van Elle knows how critical it is to keep track of where people, vehicles and heavy machines (plant) are, and what they’re doing.

“Our previous tracking system allowed us to see where any given vehicle was on the map, but that was pretty much it. We wanted more.” says Tom Lindup, Group Managing Director, Van Elle. “With a fleet of our size, we need to keep track of servicing and maintenance as well as how our drivers are behaving, As well as knowing where a vehicle was, we were also looking for an opportunity to maximise efficiency right across our workforce,” Tom added.

Van Elle invests significant amounts of capital in vehicles and plant, and needed to get the most out of that investment. When the company heard about O2’s Smart Vehicle solution, they were extremely interested. This is a small plug-and-play device that clips easily into a vehicle’s OBD-II port and captures and communicates a wealth of diagnostics in real-time. Van Elle could immediately see how useful this would be, not only in terms of the day-to-day efficiencies, but also in terms of planning for business growth and its readiness to respond to future opportunities.

Real-time diagnostics with O2 Smart Vehicle

The O2 Smart Vehicle dashboard device monitors vehicles, providing real-time information about where their vehicles are, how they’re being driven and if a driver has an accident. It also generates a wealth of information on parameters such as vehicle mileage, engine diagnostics trouble codes, driver behaviour, vehicle location, fuel and oil levels, tyre data, battery status and seat belt engagement. This boosts Van Elle’s business efficiency, helps maintain vehicles in top condition and ensures that drivers stay safe.

“Our experience of working with O2 has been very good,” says Tom Lindup, Group Managing Director. “From initial conversations about what we wanted from the project and what we were trying to achieve, to the speed at which they respond to any questions we have.” Van Elle’s team have also found O2 Smart Vehicle easy to use, thanks to its graphical view and user-friendly design. The information also helps the company with its duty-of-care by making sure drivers are driving carefully and aren’t working longer than is safe.

Van Elle found moving to O2 Smart Vehicle a very smooth process with the solution now deployed across their fleet of vehicles.

The solution has made the company much more prepared for future opportunities, too. “We are always ready to take the business forward and are constantly in a position to work in new sectors. We know that the key to being able to take the business forward is by integrating advanced IT solutions into the growth of the company,” says IT Manager Gavin Long. “That’s what most excites me about this technology and what else O2 have to offer.”

O2 Smart Vehicle benefits to Van Elle

  • Real-time vehicle location so the nearest driver can be deployed to a job, to keep business efficient
  • Seat-belt use and driving styles, to keep drivers safe
  • Identification of vehicle faults, oil levels, tyre condition and battery status with the largest database of reverse-engineered engine codes, to ensure vehicles are well maintained
  • Access to real-time vehicle information through a web portal or directly via their back-office systems, to support decision-making
  • Alerts and reports, for increased transparency and accountability
  • Fuel-use information to achieve considerable fuel savings
  • Driver behaviour information enables better driver education and reduced insurance premiums
  • Data on mileage and fuel for reduced operational costs
  • End-to-end service wrap covering devices, set-up and in-life support (no more multiple suppliers)
  • Full UK and European coverage
  • World-leading technology: including hardware, firmware and software
  • Easy installation: covertly installed using a T-harness; unit clips easily onto a car’s diagnostics port, allowing it to be installed in-house or moved between vehicles


“We constantly want to innovate, and we are keen to explore new technology and new solutions. In the first instance, that means having information about vehicles, drivers and plant at our finger-tips, in real-time.”

Gavin Long
IT Director
Van Elle

O2 Smart vehicle average fleet results

  • 5% reduction in fuel costs
  • 7% increase in productivity
  • 10% reduction in idle time
  • 80% fewer driver behaviour incidents
  • Reduced insurance costs

About Van Elle

Van Elle is the largest geotechnical engineering contractor in theUK, and has enjoyed steady year-on-year growth. Over the past 32 years, it has established a reputation in its core ground engineering markets, built on service, quality, technical expertise, innovation, safety and successful delivery of value-driven solutions to its customers. Services encompass site investigation, driven, bored, drilled and augered piling and ground stabilisation services. In addition, the group develops, manufacturers and installs pre-cast concrete products for use in its specialist foundation applications – all for sectors including new-build residential, infrastructure and the commercial and industrial sectors, among many others.

Recognised in its sector for their expertise, innovation and technical excellence, Van Elle has won many awards including:

  • 2015 Construction News Awards’ ‘Ground Engineering Contractor of the Year’
  • 2015 Ground Engineering Awards’ ‘Contractor of the Year’
  • 2015 & 2016 East Midlands Chamber of Commerce’s ‘High Growth Business of the Year’ & 2015 ‘Overall Business of the Year’
  • 2015 & 2016 Offshore Excellence Awards’ ‘Global Piling & Ground Engineering Contractor of the Year’ & ‘Award for Technical Excellence’
  • 2016 NCE100 Ranked Company and ‘Technology Trailblazer of the Year’