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O2 Smart Compliance features

Real-time information and actions Data collected is transferred in real-time to managers and supervisors providing a record of work done and enabling preventive actions to be taken and faults to be reported.
Flexible forms Activities and tasks are triggered by time or location (using a sensor) and recorded on custom built forms; allowing existing processes and operations to be optimised or entirely new ones to be created driving improved productivity.
Digital and Paperless A simple data collection tool removing the slow, inefficient, inaccurate and wasteful use of paper. Elimination of manual reporting, reconciliation and transcription of information collected from the field.
Intelligent rules-based engine Allowing the results of tasks to generate meaningful notifications, actions and reports. Notifications and actions can be delivered via email or SMS.
Managers reporting portal An interactive dashboard providing reports, alerts and notifications available on a range of handsets and tablets.
Rugged devices A range of rugged NFC- and Bluetooth-enabled handsets available for the harshest environments. Alternatively O2 Smart Compliance will work with handsets and tablets already in use.
Range of sensors A range of suitable NFC tags and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for attaching to any asset or location.
End-to-end solution We will manage all customer deployments through a dedicated Implementation Manager and in-life Account Management team.
Scalability A cloud-based solution providing rapid deployment and simple scaling.


Housing and Social Care

Monitor and report in real time…

  • Maintenance and repair operations (e.g. buildings and energy systems)
  • Health and Safety operations (e.g. fire, gas and electrical safety checks)
  • Maintain your duty of care to your staff, clients, residents and tenants


And give your business…

  • Streamlined and cost-effective operations
  • Improved services delivered to clients, residents and tenants
  • Proof of compliance to process, insurance, regulatory, statutory and contractual obligations

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Passenger Services

Monitor and report in real time…

  • Security operations (e.g. unattended items left at transportation facilities)
  • Health and Safety operations (e.g. fire risks and hazards, alarms, first aid facilities and emergency kits)
  • Cleaning operations (e.g. toilets, public areas, litter picking and spillages)


And give your business…

  • Streamlined and cost-effective operations
  • Improved services for end customers
  • Proof of compliance to process, insurance, regulatory, statutory and contractual obligation


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved compliance and day-to-day operations
  • A completely paperless solution driving cost savings
  • End-to-end service wrap and account management
  • Best-in-class solution with award-winning O2 connectivity





We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on O2 Smart Compliance, contact your Account Manager or email o2smartcompliance@o2.com