Empowering the public sector with digital technology

Digital services hold the key to helping the public sector make crucial savings – whether through policies and devices to empower staff to work more flexibly, or a mobile app to make it easier for local authorities to engage with communities. From the frontline to the back office, we’re here to help public sector teams flex to deliver more joined up, higher impact services, even when budgets are tight. 


Trialing Smart Ambulance

O2 5G and Visionable

Smart Ambulance trials use 5G to enable consultants to video link with paramedics, for fast, accurate assessment and treatment in ambulances. This saves time and lives, while maximising precious NHS resources.

O2 5G and Visionable | Why O2 | O2 Business


“Healthcare is one
of the areas set to
benefit most from 5G
technology, with faster,
more effective treatment
and significant efficiency
savings. These Smart
Ambulance trials are
really just the start.”
Derek McManus, COO, O2

O2 Motion and DFT

Monitoring and reviewing real-time mobility patterns

Helping to understand public travel in the UK during a pandemic

O2 Motion’s data offers a reliable picture of customer’s movements around the UK.

Detailed, daily travel data helped the Department for Transport monitor and review how mobility patterns are changing, close to real-time, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DfT and O2 Motion | O2 Business

“As COVID-19 has changed,
so have the DfT insight
requirements, and we’ve
operated an agile way of

working to support them
in the best way we can.”

Ian Burrows,
Digital Insights Director, O2

Greater London Authority

Keeping London secure

The Greater London Authority needed a proven, secure solution that could record and store all mobile voice calls and text messages, from any device.

By using O2 Mobile Recording, the GLA has been able to meet its regulatory requirements and gain transparency of customer interactions – without compromising user experience.

Greater London Authority | Why O2 | O2 Business

“In common with
all public sector
procurements, we’re
looking for economy,
proficiency and
effectiveness. The solution
from O2 worked very well
for us and enabled us to
deliver the secure solution
that we needed.”
Luke Webster, Chief Investment
Officer, Greater London Authority

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