O2 Gateway

O2 Gateway brings together our enterprise-class managed WAN, LAN, IP telephony, mobile and wifi networks onto a CAS(T) certified platform. It’s managed entirely by us, end-to-end, so you get converged access to multiple services without any hassle.


"By partnering with O2, we work with the same partner for our fixed line telephony, our data centre, our application layer, and our devices and technology management."
Darren Kerwick CIO, FirstPort


  • A single platform for fixed, mobile and Wifi networks. The first truly integrated network.
  • Certifications: CAS(T): 2016, ISO27001: 2013
  • Quickly roll out new or additional services, or scale bandwidth up or down
  • Use 4G as a secondary connection for business continuity or to connect temporary sites
  • With integration of 4G we can also connect temporary or new sites to the corporate network much faster than with traditional fixed connectivity
  • Managed entirely by us, end-to-end, so you get converged access to multiple services
  • Secure, guaranteed and dedicated
  • End to end SLAs and an improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
  • Enhanced security with a private connection to the network meaning company data isn’t transmitted over the internet.
  • Award winning: last year, O2 Gateway received the Computing Vendor Excellence Award for its innovative and robust nature.


We connect sites using a range of access methods and topologies, with secure, guaranteed, dedicated capacity. Managed WAN is the underpinning capability that allows multiple services to be added seamlessly, including: Ethernet, Broadband, Mobile, Cloud, Skype for Business, Hosted MiCloud, O2 Wifi, Internet. We can converge all of your services, simplifying your estate and supplier management, to provide a single commercial agreement with an end-to-end SLA..

As part of our ongoing commitment to the security of our customers, we have recently recertified to ISO 27001: 2013 for all our people, processes and systems. And O2 Gateway is now part of this certification. This means all customer data is now covered by the latest ISO 27001 standard.

Services Guide

Use our services guide to see how O2 Gateway is relevant to your organisation, in terms of both challenges addressed and solutions offered.