IoT / M2M connect

O2 Smart Connect provides customers with everything they need to connect machine-to-machine (m2m) and IoT devices to their network

A selection of sims, from standard to industrial-grade and management platforms allowing organisations to reliably connect, and manage their connections to their business assets. A highly flexible and scalable solution, connecting any number of devices from just a few to many thousand.


Lifecycle management
  • SIMs are provided in a test state (with a free data allowance) prior to automatic activation to trigger billing
  • Provisional alerts can be set to keep you up to date of SIMs being activated / deactivated
  • API (Applicaiton Programming INterface) so can be integrated with customer systems

  • Billing doesn’t start until the SIM is deployed to site and activated reducing costs
  • Improved efficiency through removal of duplication
Tariff and billing control
  • Tailored rate plans to meet customer needs (individual Pooled and Prepay)
  • Historial invoice data can be viewed and interrogated online
  • Real-time usage information
  • Ensure devices are using the correct & relevant rate plans through automated business rules
Cost savings

  • Ability to view invoices for greater budgetary control
  • Reduces billing analysis
  • Optimise monthly billing charges through ensuring SIMs are always on the most effective plan
  • Safeguard against unexpected costs and bill shock
Controlled connectivity The platform(s) govern how your SIM cards are able to operate.

  • Define the services that can be used: GPRS, SMS, Voice, CSD and APNs
  • Restrictions on roaming: countries / operators where the SIMs will work
  • Complete control of how and when plans are allocated to SIM estates through the portal or APIs

  • Plans give the ability to offer differentiated services to ensure the right solution always has the right type of connectivity eg. National Roaming (All networks) to meet the end customers needs.

Cost savings

  • Limit the services used to match individual cost centre budgets for greater cost control
RulesRules can be used to indicate when a particular activity occurs and take action.

  • Provisioning: shows changes in SIM state
  • Usage: shows recent data usage connection status (session start/end) and number of connections
  • Financial: data pool usage, overage limits
Cost savings

  • Real-time alerts mean you can automatically change rate plans to optimise cost control
  • Deactivate SIMs if spend or suspicious activity is identified reducing unnecessary costs
  • Cut costs by automating operational processes


  • Incorporate rule through an API push to integrate in to in-house systems for additional control and efficiency
Diagnosis tools
  • This tool is available to check the SIM status in real-time, its condition and its connectivity to the mobile network
  • Spotlight tools provide network tracing tool which shows connection data which was only previously available to mobile operators
Simple and efficient

  • Powerful self-service diagnostic tools

Cost savings

  • Real-time diagnostic tools
  • Improved quality and user experience
  • Increase response times and improve user experience


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