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  • All our big data information is aggregated and anonymised
  • Our data insights provide a positive and strong alternative to standard data capture methods
  • A variety of user-friendly presentations, such as a heatmap over a traditional map, or over an hourly, daily and weekly time series
  • In addition to footfall volume, it gives insight into the demographic make-up of crowds, including gender and age
  • Location-specific information, including the likely base locations of customers.
  • Trend and comparison analysis – before and after views
  • Large quantity sample-size based on current and actual behaviour (not reported)
  • Quick and easily deployed – no infrastructure required


Trends are presented in 200m² areas by demographics such as time, gender and age. It gives a new and powerful hour-by-hour insight into the movement and behaviour of crowds, through an intuitive web-based tool. It determines journeys, locations, dwells, trip type and which mode of transport they used.

Newark and Sherwood District Council - Going faster with Smart Steps from O2


Newark and Sherwood District Council


Like many towns Newark had a traffic congestion problem, which wasn’t only affecting people’s journeys but was also having an impact on local businesses. The Newark and Sherwood District Council needed a solution and the first step was to get the evidence needed to make a case to the County Council and the Highways Agency.


This is where Smart Steps from O2 was able to help. Using anonymised aggregated data from millions of mobile phones, within weeks, Smart Steps delivered detailed information about the movement patterns of vehicles and the profiles of drivers. Thanks to these unique insights, Newark councillors had a compelling case to make, leading to setting a timetable for improving the local transport network.


  • The Council had all the evidence they needed within weeks
  • Detailed insights included where the traffic was coming from, where it was going, when it was at its peak and when it was quiet
  • Profiling analysis showed revealed the demographic profile of road users
  • Provided evidence to make a case to the County Council and the Highways Agency
  • Led to a timetable being set to solve the traffic problem

Waitrose showcases the future of shopping to attract and engage customers

O2 supported Waitrose in developing a conceptual showcase of future technology at an innovation event hosted at their new Swindon store. The event explored and simulated how innovative technology and digital services might be used to improve customers’ in-store experience.

About Waitrose

Waitrose is the food division of the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) and one of the UK’s leading retailers. They have over 300 branches across the UK and 60,000 employees within the Partnership. Waitrose employees, known as partners, have a share in the company and everyone is focused on providing the best possible customer service.

The Challenge

In a fiercely competitive market, retailers need to find new ways to differentiate themselves. As customers are increasingly technologically savvy, employees need to be equipped with solutions to engage with them digitally. Waitrose plans to explore the digital experiences that will attract and retain customers through an innovation showcase at their Swindon branch. To succeed, connectivity must be seamless as it underpins any digital solution.

Waitrose Managing Director Mark Price said “in Waitrose you’ll see services and experiences that you won’t see in other supermarkets. It’s about really looking after our customers when they come here and making it an experience”.

The Solution

Waitrose chose O2 to help deliver its innovation event hosted in their new branch.

With fixed connectivity restricted by a short lead time, O2 supported Waitrose in ensuring they had the right infrastructure in place to manage the project by boosting the 3G signal for the branch and supporting in-store connectivity with O2 Wifi.

O2 brought innovation to the project from Ensygnia, a start-up company supported by Telefónica’s WAYRA initiative, and Smart Steps Telefónica’s crowd data measurement tool, expanding the vision to encompass a wider range of digital solutions including mobile payments, interactivity and data analysis tools.

Attendees were provided with smartphones designed to showcase futuristic capabilities including; location-based offers and information, sample product preordering and frictionless mobile payments. The phones were loaded with a Waitrose branded version of Ensygnia’s Onescan app that demonstrated how guests could use their smartphones to check prices and complete purchases by scanning Onescan codes displayed on screens and tablets in the area instead of going to the check out.

Digital signage – instead of paper posters – guided customers around the branch and showed them what was on offer. It demonstrated how Waitrose’s static Community Matters display could be made interactive by allowing users to drag and drop tokens onscreen to help decide which charity to support. The interactive signage was created for Waitrose by On The Spot, a Telefónica digital content platform.

Mark Price said “we’re always looking for ways to interact with our customers which reflects how they use technology. We have embraced technology both in terms of what it can do to drive efficiency and how it can improve the customer experience”.

To understand the impact of the new store Waitrose also used Smart Steps, a movement analytics solution that provides insights on the movements of crowds using anonymised and aggregated mobile network data. The data showed a 5x increase in footfall when comparing the area before and after the store opened, as well as evidence the store was successfully reaching a more widespread customer base within the local area. Smart Steps can also show Waitrose hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trend patterns combined with unique insight on anonymised customer demographics. This helps them to plan and measure the effectiveness of employee rotas, promotional materials and seasonal events.

The future

O2’s capability, from partnerships across the UK business and Telefónica globally, creates the opportunity for innovation showcase experiences to be enhanced even further.

Customers could use interactive messaging to give feedback, or receive recommendations based on their shopping habits. Live-streamed video assistance could be provided via Tokbox (a Telefónica Digital web-conferencing solution), or Onescan could enable customers to complete their entire shop without ever visiting a till. Waitrose could even use the O2 Wifi insight tool to access information on demographics of the customers who have visited the branch.

As Waitrose demonstrated using its own iBeacon deployment, context-specific marketing messages can be delivered to customers as they move around the branch by using geofencing technology to make recommendations when they reach a certain aisle. These sensors are also offered as part of the Telefónica portfolio and can be moved to reflect the merchandising strategy by promoting high-margin products or encouraging customers to take up seasonal offers.

O2 worked with Waitrose to help them explore the art of the possible at their Swindon branch and is paving the way for the future of retail by delivering a seamless shopping experience enhanced by technology and digital innovation.





“We’re always looking for ways to interact with our customers which reflects how they use technology. We have embraced technology both in terms of what it can do to drive efficiency and how it can improve the customer experience.”

Mark Price
Managing Director, Waitrose



  • Better connectivity
  • Creative interactive experiences
  • Improved customer insight and engagement
  • An exciting concept branch

Products and services

  • O2 Wifi
  • 3G
  • Telefónica Smart Steps
  • Telefónica On The Spot Digital Signage
  • Ensygnia Onescan app

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