Mobile recording from O2 (MVR)

Mobile recording from O2 is a next generation mobile voice recording (MVR) solution that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device regardless of the operating system.

Our solution enables you to meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control and transparency of citizen interactions without compromising on user experience.

Mobile recording from O2 is also secure and flexible. You can choose hosted, on premise or hybrid solutions and customise to meet specific needs.


  • Seamless – built with user experience in mind so there’s no need to manually log calls or launch an app
  • SMS and voice – our solution captures both
  • Device and OS agnostic
  • Flexible – a solution that can work with your existing equipment, dual-stream recordings on any device
  • Secure – certification from NICE systems for SIP on NICE Trading Recording (NTR)
  • Simple Pricing – MVR is a simple add-on to our existing O2 contracts

Choose from hosted, on premise or hybrid solutions and customise them to meet specific needs.

Find out more about MVR from O2 here.


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on MVR please contact your account manager