Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Enterprise Managed Mobility (EMM)

Our cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Enterprise Managed Mobility (EMM) software will secure, monitor, manage and support all of your mobile devices, whether they’re company or employee-owned. The device agnostic system is easy to deploy and gives you complete control to manage apps, settings and secure data. This industry leading software maximises functionality while minimising cost and is fully adaptable to suit your needs.

"O2 provided a collaborative approach and provided tailored solutions. We’ve got the solutions now that enable us to deliver mobile workstations that look and feel very similar to the ones our people previously used in their day-to-day work."
Ricky MacKennon Deputy Director for ICT and Business Development, SLaM

Workspace ONE (AirWatch) from O2

Secure your mobile device deployment

Workspace ONE (AirWatch) from O2 ensures your mobile device deployment is secure and your organisational data is protected with end-to-end security, extending to users, devices, applications, content, data, email and networks. The solution offers enterprise-grade mobility across every device, every operating system and every mobile deployment.


  • Workspace ONE (AirWatch) provides enterprise managed mobility security across all form factors from smartphones to tablets
  • Seamless user-experience with self-service access to apps and device flexibility
  • Protect sensitive data at user, application, device and network levels
  • Ability to manage device fleets and reduce burden on IT
  • Able to work with corporate devices or BYOD
  • Device and OS agnostic


The AirWatch platform integrates with existing enterprise systems and allows you to manage all devices, regardless of type, platform or ownership, from one central console. The platform provides real-time device details and continuous compliance monitoring to ensure your devices and corporate data are secure.


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Buy through G-Cloud

Workspace ONE (AirWatch) from O2 can be procured via direct award through the G-Cloud framework.

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Secure and manage devices, applications and data

MobileIron from O2 is a Mobile Device Management solution that secures and manages devices, applications and data for public sector customers. MobileIron is a multi-platform solution available on hybrid or private cloud. Users experience seamless, secure, fully protected access to business resources, corporate data, applications and content.

Service features

  • Forced encryption of mobile devices
  • Secure remote wipe, locate and lock down of all devices
  • Over the air configuration for application delivery
  • Data loss protection and prevention controls
  • Securely access remote internal repositories including SharePoint, WebDAV, CIFS
  • In application and document editing functionality
  • Per app vpn compatible
  • Apple VPP and DEP compatible
  • Automatically provision enterprise settings such as WI-FI and VPN.
  • Define and enforce remediation actions if devices fail compliance

Service Benefits

  • Enables IT to Secure and manage all mobile devices securely.
  • Enables remote and new ways of working
  • Enables customers to use mobility to improve citizen engagement.
  • Delivers a secure, positive, intuitive end-user experience.
  • End-users can securely access e-mail, internet and file repositories
  • Enforce PSN compliant policies to the workforce.
  • Deliver, secure and retire mobile applications as required.
  • Manage application lifecycles from ‘making apps available’ to containerising
  • Enables customers to successfully manage BYOD, CYOD and COPE
  • Reduces corporate risk, reputational damage caused by data loss


£1.95 to £3.95 per licence per month.

Buy through G-Cloud

MobileIron from O2 can be procured via direct award through the G-Cloud framework. For more information click here.

SOTi Mobile Control

Securely host, maintain and service your device management

SOTi provides a single mobile device management (MDM) solution for all your organisation’s devices and allows you to securely host, maintain and service your device internally. This can be incorporated into our managed tablet solution.


  • Flexible volume based pricing
  • Includes a remote control feature for selected Operating Systems
  • Also supports Windows embedded devices


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on SOTi Mobile Control please contact your Account Manager

MaaS360 from IBM

Control and manage devices in the cloud

MaaS360 is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) service providing control, visibility and management of Smartphones and Tablet devices including Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Blackberry. Using a single portal to manage all your devices, you can apply policies, provide monthly reports, manage changes, provide email access controls, enforce security and remotely lock and wipe devices.


  • One portal to manage all mobile devices
  • Works across all major mobile platforms
  • Ensures security and compliance
  • Improves your mobile device reporting and management

Buy through NSF

IBM MaaS360 from O2 can be procured via direct award through Lot 6 of the Network Services (RM1045) Agreement.

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Apple Device Enrolment Programme

The fast, streamline way to deploy your chosen MDM

The Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) from O2 provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your chosen Mobile Device Management solution on all newly purchased and enterprise-owned Apple devices.

Automatic enrolment saves significant time and cost when compared with manually configuring each device in your organisation. It also means that all of your corporate-owned Apple devices can be completely protected and ready for business, straight out of the box.

O2 has worked closely with Apple to create the first DEP implementation that is fully integrated with next-day swap-outs, meaning replacements will automatically be loaded with the correct DEP profile. No other provider can offer this integrated service.

For more information on DEP, download our product sheet here.


  • Fully automates MDM deployment onto new Apple devices
  • Applies MDM as soon as the device is switched on for the first time
  • Can prevent end users from removing the MDM profile
  • Allows for ‘over-the-air’ supervision, meaning that you can remotely add further restrictions

O2 DEP Differentiation

O2 is the only provider that offers customers a DEP that has a next-day swap-out replacement service for in-warranty devices. This means that replacement devices that are delivered to your premises automatically have the end users’ DEP profile settings configured.

So your people can stay online, stay productive and stay protected with minimal hassle. There’s no need for lengthy waits for replacement devices, or cumbersome reconfiguration.


Getting started

Once you’ve purchased Apple devices for your business, the steps to initiating the DEP are:

  1. Sign up to the DEP with Apple (see Apple guide for details).
  2. Add O2‘s Apple Re-seller ID (1C99B860) to the Apple portal.
  3. Advise O2 of your Apple ID and desire to activate DEP on your initial purchase.
  4. Indicate if you would like DEP activate.

Taking innovative hospital care into the home

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) provides the widest range of mental health and substance misuse services in the UK. With a desire to improve care whilst managing financial challenges, SLaM must innovate to enhance service standards.

Less is more

The underlying challenge was to reduce the number of operational sites from over 100 to fewer than 70, while maintaining high standards of service to patients.

Clinicians and care providers would be given complete access to all the electronic records they needed, as part of a mobile work solution. They could then make the most informed decisions in the best interest of individual patients, at the point of care.

Record makers

The key was to make sure care providers had mobile devices with a familiar look-and-feel, accessing the same applications and information they used in the clinic. This was an effective way of extending informed patient treatment out into the community, with easy-to-use mobile technology that didn’t cut corners in providing complete information access.

“Many of our services are actually geared towards early intervention and prevention, so that we can keep people out of hospital, rather than getting them into the system of secondary care,” says Gus Heafield, acting CEO at the Trust. ”As a result, it’s very important that individual clinicians are always able to capture and use data, with appropriate consent. It also matters in terms of performance and our overall delivery of service.”

The solution

O2 worked with SLaM to balance its site rationalisation with the most appropriate mobile technology, integrated and optimised with key back-end applications:
• Delivery of desktop services to a range of mobile devices – including tablets, smartphones and laptops
• Integration of the mobile network with back-end services
• All devices are centrally managed for secure end-to-end delivery
• The solution handles authentication onto the Trust network, so the user experience is as seamless as possible


“This investment in technology has removed the need for many care providers to operate primarily from core or satellite sites: We currently have 58,000 home visits and obviously that’s going to increase over time. As a result, SLaM has been able to reduce its community estate by 30% while upping the quality of its patient care. The dream of providing effective home care is fast becoming reality.”

Ricky MacKennon
Deputy Director for ICT and Business Development, SLaM