Lot 8: Video conferencing

Lot 8 is for the provision of traditional and IP based video conferencing services: Video conferencing services with the ability to call, connect and share audio-visual communications with another compatible video device over any distance in real time.


The scope of this Lot includes the technology, equipment and solutions that may be required in the delivery of the primary services of this Lot 8, including but not limited to:

  1. Design, survey, build, management, support and maintenance for Lot 8 services.
  2. Related consultancy and training services to optimise performance or otherwise improve operations.
  3. Related software management tools (including performance enhancing software and software based clients to extend reach and interoperability of the services).
  4. Conference recording and quality/usage analysis tools.
  5. Self serve and/or fully managed services.
  6. Supplementary services and/or peripheral equipment, including:
    1. Test and analysis tools.
    2. Security access products.
    3. Collaboration tools.
    4. Call recording and playback.
    5. Transcribing/translation services.

Ancillary services

The ancillary services for Lot 8 are optional services that enhance or otherwise supplement or support the delivery and/or the functionality of the primary services and will be set out by the supplier in their service offers or responses to a further competition.