Lot 2: Local connectivity services

Lot 2 is for the provision of single site connectivity services, including local area networks (LAN) enabling interconnectivity: 1. Local area network (LAN) connectivity services, constrained to a single site, multiple sites in the same locale, campus sites and metropolitan area sites enabling a user to consume a locally hosted service. 2. Local connectivity services to connect an end user device to a local service.


The scope of this Lot includes the technology, equipment and solutions that may be required in the delivery of the primary services of this Lot 2, including but not limited to:

  1. Design, survey, build, management, support and maintenance for Lot 2 services.
  2. Wired and/or wireless solutions.
  3. Local area network (LAN) equipment and/or cabling and/or storage area network (SAN) equipment.
  4. LAN power solution and managed equipment room.
  5. Local infrastructure audit and/or testing services (such as asset management tools).
  6. Environmental and local access control solutions.
  7. Specialist security and/or operational management and/or monitoring solutions, including cloud based solutions.
  8. Optimal equipment operation services (such as air conditioning, fire suppression and power consumption management).

Ancillary services

The ancillary services for Lot 2 are optional services that enhance or otherwise supplement or support the delivery and/or the functionality of the primary services and will be set out by the supplier in their service offers or responses to a further competition.