Delivering a fair and just justice system

An obligation to treat every citizen equally under the law is no mean feat. Only when every individual is processed swiftly and fairly as they move through the digital justice system can this be achieved. As connectivity and digital ways of working become more embedded seamless integration can take occur and O2 are here to support every step of the way.  

Serve citizens and communities better

  • Connecting systems to help speed up case delivery, whilst maintaining high quality of services.  
  • Empower your staff, with smartphones, tablets and apps that help deliver safer, more efficient services 
  • Ensuring compliance by enabling employees’ access to a secure remote working environments 
  • Increasing capacity across teams by giving their staff the tools, training and support they require to deliver services. 

Ensuring the department can deliver the projects at the heart of Britain’s recovery. 

Greater London Authority

Keeping London secure

The Greater London Authority needed a proven, secure solution that could record and store all mobile voice calls and text messages, from any device.

By using O2 Mobile Recording, the GLA has been able to meet its regulatory requirements and gain transparency of customer interactions – without compromising user experience.

Greater London Authority | Why O2 | O2 Business


“In common with
all public sector
procurements, we’re
looking for economy,
proficiency and
effectiveness. The solution
from O2 worked very well
for us and enabled us to
deliver the secure solution
that we needed.”
Luke Webster, Chief Investment

O2 Microsoft Teams

Saving time, improving collaboration and staying connected

O2 was the first organisation in the larger Telefónica group to make the move and has since been followed by the rest of the organisation, with 110,000 users around the world. This hands-on experience of rolling out Teams to its own people puts O2 in a great position to implement Teams for its customers.

The Microsoft Teams rollout within O2 | Why O2 | O2 Business

“Our experience rolling out Teams to our
own business means we have great
hands-on experience to pass on to our
customers. We can highly recommend
Teams because we use it ourselves..”
Richard Bond, Workplace Architect,
O2 Microsoft Teams rollout

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