Visionable video-conferencing

The Visionable platform is a multi-application video and data collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for Health, Education and Blue light services, Visionable enables ubiquitous connectivity between government organizations their partners and citizens. This secure platform has a feature rich capability beyond traditional video conferencing.


• Pixel for pixel data image quality
• Unlimited participants
• Unlimited data shares
• Patented multi-stream technology goes beyond the limits of video conferencing
• Easily scalable
• Multiple camera inputs for 360 degrees views
• Connected external devices such as document cameras
• Presence, chat, record, desktop and app share
• Moderator controls
• Works on Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux


• A single platform for organizations, citizens and their partners
• Immediate Access to expertise
• Accelerated decision making in critical situations
• Virtual working connecting to all relevant parties simultaneously
• Re-use existing hardware and does not require expensive hardware infrastructure
• Reduce travel costs & increase productivity
• Reduce costs by sharing resources with virtual services
• Applications for health, education and government services
• Reduce need for physical space meeting room or office space
• Can be embedded into existing platforms


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Where to buy

Visionable can be procured via direct award through the G-Cloud framework.

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Or from NS2 Lot 8   Network Services 2 (NS2) RM3808