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  • Data Usage Policies which means that you can quickly create usage policies for users
  • Control access to Internet sites and apps by category
  • Zone control allows you to set different geographically specific usage policies
  • Powerful reporting and modification capabilities providing clear real-time visibility.
  • Devices and data security with Locate, Lock and Wipe functionalities.


  • Costs – control your mobile data costs by preventing data overages with usage policies
  • Productivity – know that your employees can’t access websites which may distract them from work
  • Compliance- restrict non-compliant website access, even ensuring device access compliance
  • Flexible, scalable security- cloud-based mobile security lets you make sure that you have the right solution for you and your employees
  • Security- SIM-based solution, means malicious sites are blocked before access
  • Self-managed – this gives your team ease of use, with web based management tools enabling total control for peace of mind
  • Compatibility- marketing leading compatibility with wide range of mobile devices.


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MODA from O2 can be procured via direct award through the G-Cloud framework.

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