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MiCloud from O2

Cloud-based telephony to help your people work from anywhere

Hosted MiCloud from O2 is a cloud-based IP telephony (IPT) and Unified Communications (UC) solution that is designed to support people as they work from anywhere, and on any device. It helps boost productivity, collaboration and customer service. It also gives organisations an alternative to on-site PBXs. UC integrates everything from instant messaging to video conferencing, giving your people a seamless way to work and serve your citizens. Our cloud platform means you’ll benefit from reduced infrastructure costs and be able to meet your organisation’s changing needs quickly and efficiently.

For more information on Hosted MiCloud, download our product sheet here.

We’ve also made it easy for you to procure this service by creating a Standard Service Offer available through the Networks Services Framework agreement.



  • Single-number services- receive and make calls on any device, regardless of location
  • Hot desking- log on to any phone in or outside the office
  • Unified messaging- get access to messages anywhere, anytime and see a list of all voicemails
  • Simple administration- through a single management portal
  • Voice, video and instant messaging- to see colleagues’ availability at a glance
  • Visual voicemail- see a list of all voicemails
  • Softphone- use of a mobile for calls and messages over wifi, 3G and 4G networks


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on Hosted MiCloud from O2, contact your Account Manager or call us on 0800 955 5590.


Hosted MiCloud from O2 comes with a comprehensive range of handsets, from entry-level devices through to the latest smartphone. Thee are also five different licences, allowing you to choose a level of functionality that suits your organisation’s needs.

Feature Basic IPT Standard IPT Entry UCC Standard UCC Premium UCC
Full PBX Y Y Y Y Y
Single Number Y Y Y Y Y
Voicemail Y Y Y Y
Twinning Y Y Y
Multiple Devices Y Y Y
Unified Messaging Y Y Y
Web Client Y Y Y Y Y
Desktop Client Y Y Y
IM/Chat Y Y Y Y Y
Presence Y Y Y
Conf & Collab Y Y
Work at home (TW) Y Y
Hot Desking Y Y Y Y Y
Mobile Client Y Y


Y = Included

• = Optional

– = Not included

Hosted Skype for Business

Communicate and collaborate across locations

Skype for Business from O2 is part of our Unified Communications (UC) suite and is hosted in a private cloud environment, ensuring that your information remains secure.

Not only does it simplify the way your people communicate with each other, but it makes things easy for your IT teams too.

Our design and in-life managed service offering takes the burden off your teams and enables them to carry on managing their existing IT estate, while O2 takes on responsibility for the additional complexity associated with running a unified communications solution.

For more information click here


  • Flexible, smarter working – your teams can work how they want and with the device and network which allows them to get the job done as efficiently as possible
  • Bridging the IT/telecom gap – allow your IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities, while O2 designs, monitors and manages Skype and its integration to telephony
  • Private cloud environment – security, trust and flexibility, without any on-premise hosting
  • More than just instant messaging – go beyond using Skype merely for instant messaging and presence
  • Bring your offices closer together – a full suite of collaboration tools from conferencing to desktop sharing


We are currently working on a number of Hosted Skype for Business Standard Service Offer’s which we will publish on the catalogue shortly. For more information contact your Account Manager or call us on 0800 955 5590.