Tools for the people who look after us

When considering healthcare, connectivity means something different. It means you’re there when you’re needed. Enabling staff to manage data, work across platforms and provide innovative care. Savings shouldn’t compromise quality, nor security. Connectivity means people first – always. 


Supporting healthcare

  • 5G and IoT making the construction, refurbishment and ongoing running of facilities as efficient and safe as possible
  • Innovation that will help create responsive and responsible environments from Smart Ambulances to Smart Hospitals
  • Easier for patients to access 24/7 care across the UK by integrating departments and services
  • Lower costs with the Health Tariff

It’s about learning from the past, to prepare for the future, and making that process agile, so that patients can come first. 

Trialing Smart Ambulance

O2 5G and Visionable

Smart Ambulance trials use 5G to enable consultants to video link with paramedics, for fast, accurate assessment and treatment in ambulances. This saves time and lives, while maximising precious NHS resources.

O2 5G and Visionable | Why O2 | O2 Business

“Healthcare is one
of the areas set to
benefit most from 5G
technology, with faster,
more effective treatment
and significant efficiency
savings. These Smart
Ambulance trials are
really just the start.”
Derek McManus, COO, O2

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