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Cambridge City Council

Wherever they’re working, O2 enables Cambridge City Council to keep in touch with its staff.

Cambridge City Council had chosen its previous mobile provider through competitive tender, but complaints from staff began to mount as people found they were unable to use their phones when they needed them. Tony Allen says “It’s critical that people can make and receive calls wherever they are. The housing repairs people in particular said it was affecting their work on a daily basis. And it becomes a health and safety issue with lone workers.”

He decided to conduct a technical evaluation to identify which mobile network had the best coverage to suit the council’s needs. He took phones from three mobile networks and tested them in every location where Cambridge City Council needs to work: all over Cambridge and housing schemes across South Cambridgeshire. He found that “O2 provided the most complete service across all the locations we tested. It was the only one that worked everywhere.

Cambridge City Council has made considerable savings by moving to O2. Read more here: O2 | Enterprise | Insights | Cambridge City Council


“O2 provided the most complete service across all the locations we tested. It was the only one that worked everywhere.”

Tony Allen
Cambridge City Council


Peabody manages a range of tenures, including social housing, leasehold, shared ownership, supported housing, key-worker accommodation and commercial units. Peabody also provides a range of community programmes for its residents and neighbourhoods, including employment and training programmes; health and wellbeing initiatives; activities for younger and older people; welfare benefits advice and financial inclusion and family support programmes.

Peabody approached several mobile providers through the Buying Solutions Framework and provided them with relevant information and an insight into Peabody’s aims and objectives. “O2 was keener than the others to meet our requirements from the start of the process” recalls Mark Reed. “O2 demonstrated that they had understood our requirements and applied intelligent analysis in terms of a package and O2’s options in providing a suitable solution. For us, it felt that O2 were trying to meet our requirements and needs instead of the common sales approach of trying to find a pre-existing package that would be profitable but not necessarily ideal for our requirements.” He adds “the O2 bid was a more transparent, simpler financial model and is projected to reduce our costs significantly.”

Peabody made the decision to move to O2, and 600 numbers were ported across smoothly. O2 worked with Peabody’s internal team to ensure a successful transition. Peabody’s IT Department and transition team identified times when their devices would not be required and supported the transition to minimise inconvenience to those users.

A key factor in Peabody’s decision to move to O2 was the ability to control unauthorised usage such as non-work related, out-of-hours, international text messaging and premium rate text usage. These have been significantly reduced, observes Mark Reed. “We implemented a new Mobile Phone Usage Policy to coincide with the transfer to O2 so all users now accept the new policy; this is reinforced by a restricted functionality provided by O2.

For the future, Peabody intends to take advantage of the O2 Bill Manager service which will enable users, and administrative staff to control and view usage.

“O2 demonstrated that they had understood our requirements and applied intelligent analysis …it felt that O2 were trying to meet our requirements instead of trying to find a pre-existing package.”

Mark Reed
Procurement Manager, Peabody