Lot 1: Data access services

Lot 1 is for the provision of connectivity services, enabling site-to-site or site-to-cloud interconnectivity. 1.Wide area connectivity for the provision of a managed or unmanaged point-to-point data-only connection. 2.Wide area connectivity for the provision of a managed or unmanaged point-to-internet/cloud data-only connection.


The scope of this Lot includes the technology, equipment and solutions that may be required in the delivery of the primary services of this Lot 1, including but not limited to:

  1. Design, survey, build, management, support and maintenance for Lot 1 services.
  2. Unmanaged dark connectivity.
  3. Terrestrial, fibre, wireless and satellite solutions.
  4. Data networking equipment.
  5. Software-defined networking (SD WAN).
  6. Individual or multiple data connectivity circuits.
  7. Connectivity to support voice services (e.g. PSTN and IP).
  8. Network related security and access control solutions including but not limited to provision of security equipment.
  9. Domain name resolution services.
  10. Support for classes and/or qualities of service (COS/QOS) and flexible bandwidth options.
  11. Closed user groups and virtual private networks.
  12. Internet Service Providers (ISP) and internet services and gateways, including;
    1. Internet access, transit and ISP peering solutions.
    2. Broadband routing and performance monitoring tools (including user self-test speed detection and reporting).
    3. Home and teleworker service packages, including remote access solutions.
    4. E-mail and website services as part of ISP service.
    5. Co-location and hosting – but only as part of ISP service.
    6. On-line storage as part of ISP service (i.e.; not SAN solutions or components).

Ancillary services

The ancillary services for Lot 1 are optional services that enhance or otherwise supplement or support the delivery and/or the functionality of the primary services and will be set out by the supplier in their service offers or responses to a further competition.


What’s more, O2 Gateway brings together our fixed network with mobile and wifi to create a single network. You’ll get access to multiple services, with only a single connection at each site. And because it’s managed end-to-end by O2, you have a single contract with a single provider. Freeing you up to spend more time on your organisation and less on admin.