Coverage enhancement

Ensure you get coverage wherever you are. Or create a mobile office in minutes.

"I plugged in my Boostbox last night and I have a full O2 signal in my home for the first time in 14 years. I can’t recommend this solution enough."
Mark Baird Head of Industry Affairs and Alcohol Policy, Diageo GB

Pop-Up Office

Create your own 4G mobile office in minutes

Connect up to ten devices to the internet to email and access all your usual business applications. Devices use our 4G network whether they’re 4G compatible or not. Take the 4G mobile hotspot (also known as Mobile wifi device) wherever you go, to create a small, temporary wifi hotspot for colleagues and citizens.


  • Encourages flexible working utilising O2’s 4G mobile broadband network
  • Mobile access to online information and services
  • Fast, flexible and reliable connection

Pop Up Office also works with our No.10 tariff so you can make the most of your mobile data solution by staying connected wherever you are.


We can provide you with bespoke pricing specific to your organisation. For more pricing information on Pop Up Office please contact your Account Manager


Enhance coverage in areas where the signal is poor

O2 Boostbox enhances 3G Voice and Data coverage in areas where signal is weaker, meaning you don’t have to let signal strength or a busy network stop you from using your mobile. This plug and play service enhances connectivity and is ideal for home workers, branches and remote offices, helping significantly reduce downtime.

The O2  Boostbox does not require any existing O2 coverage in the local area for it to work. This is because it generates its own 3G coverage signal and connects back into the O2 network via the internet. The internet connection can be either via a standalone broadband service or via a customer’s existing network infrastructure. The latter is typically only used in larger office environments.


  • Single cell option is easy to install – plug in and off you go
  • Multiple cell option installed by us
  • Both options improve coverage at no extra cost to your mobile tariff
  • They work with all mobiles that use our 3G network
  • You choose which mobile numbers can tap into them.

OptiSIM UK Roaming

A UK roaming SIM card

OptiSIM UK Roaming is a SIM card that seamlessly roams onto the strongest of the four UK networks, providing a solution to interrupted or unavailable network coverage, or a lack of data connectivity. OptiSIM comes in three solutions: Voice-only, Data-only or Voice and Data.

OptiSIM Data is the data-only solution, and provides the most extensive 3G and 4G mobile data coverage in the UK.


  • 3GB UK data bundle
  • Fast 3G/4G speeds
  • Roams between all 4 UK operators (EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3)
  • Ideal as a basis of business continuity planning
  • Can be used with O2 Pop-Up Office, other MiFi Hotspots, USB modems and Tablets


We supply all three solutions to a range of public sector organisations:

  • Rail Operators
  • Local Councils
  • Emergency Services
  • Utilities companies
  • Security Services


ItemPer Month
3GB UK OptiSIM Data SIM Card£45.00
+ 3G MIFI Hotspot+£5.00
+ 4G MIFI Hotspot+£10.00
UK Overage (per MB)£0.30
EU Overage (per MB)£0.30
Rest of World Usage*£8.00

*Rest of World Usage: This is a UK only product, we cannot bar usage outside the EU.