Cloud connectivity

Enterprises are demanding secure, scalable, high performance and managed connectivity to their distributed multi-cloud environments. O2 offers seamless Cloud connectivity so our customers can connect to employees, partners, customers and data from wherever they are. O2 has developed a comprehensive set of Cloud Connectivity capabilities on the O2 Gateway platform. 

 Public Cloud Visibility is a web portal that provides insights to Public Cloud Connect availability, bandwidth utilisation and path performance metrics in real time so you can manage capacity, isolate faults and view inventory. 

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Public Cloud Connect

A highly available and resilient connection to four main cloud services providers: AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle. 

Allowing customers to access their business-critical applications quickly and reliably, from wherever they happen to be connecting. This is a scalable and flexible service that helps to provide a consistent experience across devices. Enabling this cloud technology helps customers gain more control of their data and will generate valuable new insights. 

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Public Cloud Firewall

Public Cloud Firewall controls traffic, filters web content and provides advanced threat protection. A centrally managed, highly scalable firewall acts as enhanced security for traffic passing between your network and the public cloud. Proactive and customisable to grow with your business, supported by our skilled security experts. Offers a client portal with real-time and bespoke dashboards instead of you buying, deploying and managing your own firewall for public cloud peering on PCC 

Customer benefits  

  • Next gen firewall – O2 centrally managed firewall for barrier between corporate network and the cloud hosted on leading security technology 
  • Embedded in Public Cloud Connect – No need for customer to buy, deploy & manage their own firewall for public cloud peering on Public Cloud Connect 
  • Proactive management – Proactive managed service. Backed by O2’s highly skilled security experts. Single point of contact with the O2 service desk. 
  • Scalable & resilient – Flexible, scalable and highly available geographically resilient service to grow with the customer’s business 
  • Real time portal – Client portal with real-time reports and dashboards based on bespoke customer policies 


Co-location provides space and power in an O2 data centre to house infrastructure owned and managed by a organisations. 

 Why would you use Co-location? 

 Enterprises are virtualising their IT infrastructure and applications and migrating them to public cloud environments.  Some critical legacy workloads can’t be virtualised. Co-location provides third party data centre environments to host those workloads as part of a hybrid cloud adoption strategy.