Audio conferencing

Audio conferencing allows your employees, working in different locations or out in the field, to hold routine voice conference meetings quickly and easily.

Group conferencing is clear and simple to use, with no registration charges and no monthly subscription.

Our most popular conferencing service, Just Call Me, is simple and easy to use with no pin numbers to remember on a simple monthly subscription.

"With no expensive premium rate dial in numbers like so many other conference call facilities, O2 Just Call Me is a lot more cost-effective."
Aaron Caldwell Business Operations Director, iStudio Projects LTD

Group conferencing

Host routine meetings quickly and easily


  • Employees in different location can hold meetings routinely, quickly and easily
  • Quick and simple communication capabilities
  • Simple group conferencing with no registration charges and no monthly subscription
  • Save money by using this fully flexible communication solution

Just Call Me

The UK’s most flexible mobile conferencing service

The hassle of setting up an audio conference call has gone, there’s no need for dial-in numbers or pin codes. Just set the conference date and time on the app, invite participants through your calendar and they just call your mobile number to join the call.

This product offering is available as a supplemental service to the existing core mobile service on a customer’s existing Lot 6 Network Services framework agreement through a contract variation.


  • Easy to use conference call service
  • No need for dial ins or pin codes
  • Schedule and set alerts within the O2 Just Call Me app
  • No expensive premium rate dial-in numbers – it’s as simple as making a normal call
  • Flat rate charge on a per user per month basis for line of sight of costs


Set the app time and date for a conference to start
You can plan, organise and schedule your calls from within the O2 Just Call Me app and set alerts so you always know what’s coming up.
Invite people to the call through your calendar
The app synchronises with your calendar. Just select your contacts to instantly invite them and set up the call. And you can control multiple conference calls at the same time too.
Dial 321 to start the call
Participants just need to dial your mobile number to join. No need for expensive premium rate dial-in numbers or complicated pin codes – it’s as easy as a normal call.


£5 per user per month.

Pin-free. Pain-free. The future of mobile conference calling from O2 Just Call Me

Leading theatrical engineering company iStudio Projects’ needed a lift, fast

With ITV and the Royal Albert Hall as new clients, Business Operations Director Aaron Caldwell came to O2 for a smart way for his team to chat together. Even when they’re miles apart.

The simple solution

The O2 Just Call Me conference calling app fitted the bill perfectly. ‘Organising and taking part in calls is as easy as dialling 3-2-1. No pin. No pain. Simple.’

It’s reduced Aaron’s administration time. Cutting out expensive premium dial-in numbers has saved money. And Just Call Me has even improved security.

‘It’s more secure than other conference calling facilities we’ve used. You know exactly who’s on your call, and that you’ve invited them in.’

“O2 Just Call Me let’s us dial in from around the world and work together. It’s so easy”

Aaron Caldwell
Business Operations Director
iStudio Projects LTD


How O2 Just Call Me has made all the difference:

  • Aaron and his team can plan, organise and schedule conference calls on the move from their mobile phones.
  • The app synchronises with their address books and calendars, so they can invite contacts to join conference calls with a single touch.
  • Moving everything onto one platform has helped them save money.
  • You just dial 3-2-1 to start the call, and participants dial your number to join it.
  • No expensive premium rate dial-in numbers has helped to save iStudio money. It just costs the same as a normal call.