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  • Fully automates MDM deployment onto new Apple devices
  • Applies MDM as soon as the device is switched on for the first time
  • Can prevent end users from removing the MDM profile
  • Allows for ‘over-the-air’ supervision, meaning that you can remotely add further restrictions

O2 DEP Differentiation

O2 is the only provider that offers customers a DEP that has a next-day swap-out replacement service for in-warranty devices. This means that replacement devices that are delivered to your premises automatically have the end users’ DEP profile settings configured.

So your people can stay online, stay productive and stay protected with minimal hassle. There’s no need for lengthy waits for replacement devices, or cumbersome reconfiguration.


Getting started

Once you’ve purchased Apple devices for your business, the steps to initiating the DEP are:

  1. Sign up to the DEP with Apple (see Apple guide for details).
  2. Add O2‘s Apple Re-seller ID (1C99B860) to the Apple portal.
  3. Advise O2 of your Apple ID and desire to activate DEP on your initial purchase.
  4. Indicate if you would like DEP activate.