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We prefer to keep things simple – like this public sector catalogue. It’s designed with you in mind, so you can find the information you need quickly and easily, leaving you to get on with the things that really matter. Take a look around and if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for specific advice.
Apple Device Enrolment Programme

The fast, streamline way to deploy your chosen MDM

Audio conferencing

Host routine meetings quickly and easily

Cloud connectivity

Cloud-based connectivity to help your people work from anywhere

Coverage enhancement

Enhance coverage or create a mobile office in minutes


Transform mobile working with the right hardware

Digital communities

Rebalancing Britain: Inspiring thriving digital communities

End user compute devices

Discounts on your end user computer equipment

Fixed lines

Calls, landlines and digital lines to suit your business 

Framework consultancy from O2

Free framework consultancy from O2


Everything health and social care needs to stay connected.

Intelligent Mobile Data (MODA)

Securely connect employee’s devices to internal resources


Stay better connected

M2M O2 connect

Automate the communication process between machines

Managed LAN

Design, build and manage a single network

Managed WAN

Simplify your network

Microsoft 365

Freedom to work the way you want to

Mobile broadband

Access the internet, wherever you are.

Mobile consultancy

Focused and rapid analysis of your current technology status and future readiness

Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Enterprise Managed Mobility (EMM)

Secure, monitor and manage all of your mobile devices

Mobile recording from O2 (MVR)

Record calls and text messages securely

Mobile security

Keep all of your mobile devices secure

Mobile voice and data tariffs (Copy)

Our 4G voice & data tariffs, including No. 10

O2 body worn video

A video capture solution to protect front line staff

O2 Capital

Manage budgets effectively for recurring investment or one-off projects

O2 Gateway

The first truly integrated network bringing together fixed, mobile and wifi

O2 Motion cloud services

Provides analytical and geographical representation of where our UK citizens go and when

O2 Smart Vehicle

Real-time driver behaviour and vehicle diagnostics

O2 Wifi

Seamless connectivity without impacting work

On Street administrator solutions

Get information to your administration officers on the street

PBX and PBX maintenance

Connect internal office users over a private network

Pricing desk

IT purchasing made quick and easy

Private mobile datalink

Secure data connection from mobile devices to your corporate network

Product bundle ideas

Identify the right set of services for your users

Rentals from O2

Acquire mobile connections on a short term basis

Service Offers from O2

All O2's service offers in one place

SIP trunking

Carry voice traffic over the internet

Telemarketing Numbers from O2

Non-geographic numbers that are easy to remember and cheap to make calls

Visionable video-conferencing

Feature-rich capability beyond traditional video-conferencing