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Home Affairs & central/devolved government

We will support government and blue light services helping them unlock efficiencies through greater flexible working, ensuring citizen services are delivered cost effectively with increased productivity.

  • Help provide better outcomes for the citizen & improve communities.
  • Get closer to the people with apps that make it easier for citizens to access information.
  • Collaboration across goverment departments
  • Move critical processes & systems onto their mobile estate
  • Keep frontline teams on the streets with tools that make it easier to collaborate, thanks to our Bluelight Digital Services.
  • Support projects to reduce offending and safeguard the public
  • Ensure your data and communications are secure.
Videos to watch
How 4G can transform the police
How 4G can help police do more on the move
City of London Police and O2
O2 deploys paperless technology for Surrey and Sussex Police
City of London Police and O2 (PDF)

“We are focussed on working closely with Criminal Justice and Central & Devolved governments to lead on their mobility strategy and transform public services and safety in a digital age”
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer
Head of Public Sector Sales

Business and Employee Benefits