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Will I need to log into the catalogue every time I want to access it?

Absolutely not. We’ve designed this catalogue so that once you register, you can access the catalogue every time without the need for us to send you the link. As long as you’re using the same browser and the same device you originally used to log in, you’re all set. And if you have deleted your cookies in the meantime, just fill in your details again and we’ll be happy to send you back through the link.

Are the special offers available to all customers?

We’ve designed our special offers specifically and exclusively for public and third sector organisations. As long as you have a public sector URN number, these offers are available to your organisation. For more information on which offers are available, call our help team on 0800 955 5590.

How do I add products to my ‘list’?

To add a product to your list, simply click the star located on the ‘All Products’ page, or on the individual product page. ‘Your list’ can be accessed in the top right hand corner of every page, and you can add or remove products as you go.

I’ve put some products onto my ‘list’. What do I do now?

Once you’ve put your products onto your ‘list’, you can download them into a PDF document which will enable you to email them to colleagues, take a closer look at what O2 offer or take them offline.

What are the bundles listed on the catalogue?

We’ve spoken to public and third sector organisations up and down the country to find out how they work on a day-to-day basis. We’ve taken this insight and put together a number of personas that represent different types of workers to take the hassle out of procurement. For each persona we’ve put together a group of products and services we feel would be perfect for what they do on a day-to-day basis. So whether you’re simply looking for some guidance on what technology is right for your employees, or you think our bundles are just what you’re looking for, we hope our bundles will work for you.

How do I go about buying one of these products or services?

Under each individual product we’ve listed whether they are available through the G-Cloud framework or the Network Services framework. For detailed guidance on how to procure through each of these frameworks, click here. For those products not listed on either framework, give our public sector team a call on 0800 955 5590 or drop us an email.

Is there a way I can see all of the products listed on a specific framework?

Of course. From the home screen, click ‘view all products’. We’ve put together a number of filters to help you find what you’re looking for. Simply click ‘G-Cloud’ or ‘NS framework’ depending on which products you would like to see.

The catalogue doesn’t seem to be showing properly on my device?

We’ve incorporated a number of features to this catalogue to ensure it’s easy to use and visually appealing. The catalogue runs best on Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers, or alternatively ensure your Internet Explorer Browser is updated to IE10 or above. For details on what Internet Explorer browser you are using, click the help button and click ‘install new version’.

Where can I check network coverage in my area?

Follow this link to make sure you’re always connected.