Cloud & applications

Whether you’re looking to support an increasingly mobile workforce, enable flexible working or securely manage a broad range of devices, cloud computing becomes the enabler of true mobility. Our Mobile Application Platform is based in the cloud and makes common functions like security, authentication, messaging and auditing easier than ever, as well as a great way of engaging with your citizens.


A unique online storage and collaboration tool

Cloud connectivity

Cloud-based connectivity to help your people work from anywhere

Intelligent Mobile Data (MODA)

Securely connect employee’s devices to internal resources

Microsoft 365

Freedom to work the way you want to

Mobile recording from O2 (MVR)

Record calls and text messages securely

O2 body worn video

A video capture solution to protect front line staff

O2 Gateway

The first truly integrated network bringing together fixed, mobile and wifi

O2 Wifi

Seamless connectivity without impacting work

On Street administrator solutions

Get information to your administration officers on the street

Visionable video-conferencing

Feature-rich capability beyond traditional video-conferencing